The Tribeca Film Festival 2019 will be held in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York from 24th April to 5th May. Alongside the feature films, there is also a competition for short films.

Animated Shorts curated by Whoopi G

  • History of White People in America: There American Truths by Ed Bell, Clementine Briand, Pierce Freelon, Jon Halperin, Aaron Keane, Drew Takahashi (USA)
  • Mind my Mind by Floor Adams (Netherlands, Belgium)
  • My Mother’s Eyes by Jenny Wright (United Kingdom)
  • La Noria by Carlos Baena (Spain)
  • PeiXes by Juan C. Pena (Spain)
  • The Downfall of Santa Claus by Robert Depuis (Norway)

Down to Earth (Sci-Fi)

  • Bunker Burger by Adam Yorke (Canada)
  • Flyby by Jesse Middlestadt (USA)
  • Storm by Will Kindrick (USA)
  • The Shipment by Bobby Bala (Canada)
  • Unregistered by Sophia Banks (USA)
  • Zero by The Brother’s Lynch (USA, United Kingdom)

Express Yourself (Shorts that show their true colors)

  • Driving Lessons by Marziyeh Riahi (Iran)
  • Maja by Marijana Jankovic (Denmark)
  • Ponyboi by River Gallo, Sadé Clacken Joseph (USA)
  • Street Flame by Katherine Propper (USA)
  • This Perfect Day by Lydia Rui (Australia)
  • War Paint by J.C. Doler, Taylor Bracewell (USA)

Forces of Nature (Character docs that demand attention)

  • 99 Problems by Ross Killeen (Ireland)
  • Framing Agnes by Chase Joynt, Kristen Schilt (USA)
  • St. Louis Superman by Smriti Mundhra, Sami Khan (USA)
  • Stanley Stellar: Here for this Reason by Eric Leven (USA)
  • War Mothers: Unbreakable by Stefan Bugryn (Ukraine, Australia)

Funhouse (Comedic)

  • 40 Minutes over Maui by Michael Feld, Josh Covitt (USA)
  • Hard-ish Bodies by Mike Carreon (USA)
  • Hook Up 2.0 by Dana Nachman (USA)
  • I Think She Likes You by Bridey Elliott (USA)
  • Lady Hater by Alexandra Barreto (USA)
  • Peggy by Justin O’Neal Miller (USA)
  • Westfalia by Haley Finnegan (USA)

Life Preserver (Docs that make a difference)

  • A Tale of Two Kitchens by Trisha Ziff (USA, Mexico)
  • All On a Mardi Gras Day by Michal Pietrzyk (USA)
  • Keepers of the Wild by Adam McClelland (USA)
  • Learning To Skateboard In a Warzone (If You’re A Girl) by Carol Dysinger (United Kingdom)

No Shortcuts (Female-focusted docs)

  • A Love Song for Latasha by Sophia Nahli Allison (USA)
  • After Maria by Nadia Hallgren (USA)
  • Little Miss Sumo by Matt Kay (Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA)
  • Reality Baby by Nodlag Houlihan (Ireland)

On Tour (Music docs)

  • A Song Can’t Burn by Roscoe Neil (UK)
  • Lazarus by David Darg (USA, Malawi, United Kingdom)
  • Lost Weekend by Bradford Thomason, Brett Whitcomb (USA)
  • That’s My Jazz by Ben Proudfoot (USA)
  • Xmas Cake – This American Shelf-Life May Yam (USA)

Roads Less Traveled (Destination unknown)

  • Black Hat by Sarah Smith (USA)
  • Carlito Leaves Forever by Quentin Lazzarotto (France, Peru)
  • East of the River by Hannah Peterson (USA)
  • Jebel Banat by Sharine Atif (Egypt)
  • Pearl (Zhen Zhu) by Yuchao Feng (China)
  • Snare by Madeleine Gottlieb (Australia)
  • Where I End And You Begin by Will Hoffman, Julius Metoyer (USA)

Streetwise (New York shorts)

  • Master Maggie by Matthew Bonifacio (USA)
  • Metronome (In Time) by Scott Floyd Lochmus (USA)
  • Night Swim by Victoria Rivera (USA)
  • The Dishwasher by Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden (USA)
  • The Neighbors’ Window by Marshall Curry (USA)

WTF (Curated for late-night)

  • 11:50 by Yiguo Chen (China)
  • His Hands by Arron Blake, Darius Shu (United Kingdom)
  • Hunting Season by Shannon Kohli (Canada)
  • Momster by Drew Denny (USA)
  • Snaggletooth by Colin Bishopp (USA)
  • Twist by Aly Migliori (USA)
  • Whiteout by Lance Edmands (USA)

Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival: Sports Shorts

  • Mack Wrestles by Taylor Hess, Erin Sanger (USA)
  • The Boxers of Brule by Jessie Adler (USA)
  • Who Says I Can’t by Kristen Lappas (USA)

The Queen Collective Shorts

  • Ballet After Dark by B. Monét (USA)
  • If There Is Light by Haley Elizabeth Anderson (USA)