The 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival 2019 will take place in Cannes, France, from 14th to 25th May. Let’s see which are the short films running for the awards.

Official selection

Out of 4240 entries, these were selected as finalists for the Short Film Palme d’Or.

  • All Inclusive by Teemu Nikki (Finland)
  • And Then the Bear by Agnès Patron (France)
  • Anna by Dekel Berenson (Ukraine, Israel, United Kingdom)
  • Butterflies by Parparim Yona Rozenkier (Israel)
  • Monster God by Augustina Martín (Argentina)
  • The Distance Between Us and the Sky by Vasilis Kekatos (Greece, France)
  • The Jump by Vanessa Dumont, Nicolas Davenel (France)
  • The Nap by Federico Luis Tachella (Argentina)
  • The Van by Erenik Beqiri (Albania, France)
  • White Echo by Chloë Sevigny (USA)
  • Who Talks by Elin Övergaard (Sweden)

International Critics’ Week

  • Community Gardens by Vytautas Katkus (Lithuania)
  • Ikki illa meint by Andrias Høgenni (Denmark, Faroe Islands)
  • Journey Through a Body by Camille Degeye (France)
  • The Last Trip to the Seaside by Adi Voicu (Romania)
  • Lucía en el limbo by Valentina Maurel (Belgium, France, Costa Rica)
  • The Manila Lover by Johanna Pyykkö (Norway, Philippines)
  • Party Day by Sofia Bost (Portugal)
  • She Runs by Qiu Yang (China, France)
  • The Trap by Fakh Nada Riyadh (Egypt, Germany)
  • Tuesday From 8 to 6 by Cecilia de Arce (France)

Directors’ Fortnight

Short and medium-lenght.

  • Ghost Pleasure by Morgan Simon (France)
  • Grand Bouquet by Nao Yoshigai (Japan)
  • Je te tiens by Sergio Caballero (Spain)
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady by Gabriel Abrantes (France, Portugal)
  • Movements by Jeong Da-hee (South Korea)
  • Olla by Ariane Labed (France, United Kingdom)
  • Piece of Meat by Jerrold Chong, Huang Junxiang (Singapore)
  • Stay Awake, Be Ready by An Pham Thien (Vietnam, South Korea, United States)
  • That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise by Flatform (Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand)
  • Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters by Beatrice Gibson (United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France)