The Tribeca Film Festival 2020 was supposed to be held from 15th to 26th April. Becuase of the Covid-19 emergency, it will be online. Alongside the feature films, there is also a competition for short films.

Animated Shorts curated by Whoopi G

  • Bathwell in Clerkentime by Alex Budovsky (Colombia, USA)
  • Beyond Noh by Patrick Smith (USA)
  • Friends by Florian Grolig (Germany)
  • Kapaemahu by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson (USA)
  • Grandad Was A Romantic by Maryam Mohajer (United Kingdom)
  • To Gerard by Taylor Meacham (USA)
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Robin Shaw (United Kingdom)
  • Umbrella by Helena Hilario, Mario Pece (Brazil)

Choose your battles (Docs on politics, perseverance)

  • Making The Case by Jennifer Callahan (USA)
  • Shikaakwa by Carlos Javier Ortiz (USA)
  • Sixth of June by Henry Roosevelt (USA)
  • The Undocumented Lawyer by Zach Ingrasci, Chris Temple (USA)
  • USA V SCOTT by Ora DeKornfeld, Isabel Castro (USA)
  • Vote Neil by Honora Talbott (USA)

Don’t Look Back (Some decisions are irrevocable)

  • Burros by Jefferson Stein (USA)
  • No More Wings by Abraham Adeyemi (United Kingdom)
  • Saria by Bryan Buckley (USA)
  • The Catch by Thais Drassinower (Peru)
  • The Cypher by Letia Solomon (USA)
  • The Last Ferry from Grass Island (島嶼故事) by Linhan Zhang (Hong Kong, USA)

Live and Learn (Docs on life lessons past, present, and future)

  • Betrayal by Scott Calonico (Germany, United Kingdom, USA)
  • Crescendo! by Alex Mallis (USA)
  • Float by Saila Huusko (Finland)
  • Mr. Somebody by Brian Wertheim (USA)
  • Solitary by James Burns, Shal Ngo (USA)
  • Unnúr by Chris Burkard (USA)

LOL (Comedies)

  • A Piece of Cake by The Bragg Brothers (USA)
  • Egg by Michael J. Goldberg (USA)
  • I Can Change by Jim Jenkins (USA)
  • John Bronco by Jake Szymanski (USA, Iceland)
  • One Last Last Heist by Darrin Rose (Canada)
  • Query by Sophie Kargman (USA)

New York

  • Black Ghost Son by Christopher Low
  • Look At Me by Nika Fehmiu (USA)
  • Gets Good Light by Alejandra Parody (USA)
  • Prelude by Tsubasa Matsumoto (USA)
  • Shadows by Ria Tobaccowala (USA)
  • Sloan Hearts Neckface by Justin Fair (USA)
  • Tapes by Dara Katz (USA)

No Surrender (Docs on courage and conviction)

  • Akashinga by Maria Wilhelm (USA)
  • Echoes in the Artic by Andy Maser, Paul Nicklen, Tahria Sheather (USA, Norway)
  • My Brother’s Keeper by Laurence Topham (United Kingdom)
  • On Falling by Josephine Anderson (Canada)
  • Tā Moko – Behind the Tattooed Face by Mick Andrews, David Atkinson (New Zealand)
  • Tall Tales with True Queens by Kristina Budelis (USA)

Rhythm of Life (Music docs)

  • My Father The Mover by Julia Jansch (South Africa)
  • Motorcycle Drive By by David Wexler (USA)
  • The Difference by Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern (BriGuel) (USA)
  • Welcome to a Bright White Limbo by Cara Holmes (Ireland)
  • When I Write It by Nico Opper, Shannon St. Aubin (USA)

Update Required (Sci-fi)

  • A Better You by Eamonn Murphy (Ireland)
  • Abducted by Ben Joyner (USA)
  • Carmentis by Antony Webb (Australia)
  • Jack and Jo Don’t Want To Die by Kantu Lentz (USA)
  • System Error by Matt Vesely (Australia)
  • The Light Side by Ryan Ebner (USA)
  • TOTO by Marco Baldonado (Canada)

Without Borders (Dramas)

  • Blood and Glory by Satinder Kaur (USA)
  • Cru-Raw (Cru) by David Oesch (Switzerland)
  • Grey Zone Gal Sagy (Israel)
  • Liliu by Jeremiah Tauamiti (New Zealand)
  • Soup by Inga Sukhorukova (Russia)
  • The Black Veil by A.J. Al-Thani (Qatar)
  • Vera by Laura Rubirola Sala (Spain)

Queen Collective by Procter & Gamble in partnership with Queen Latifah and Tribeca Studios

  • Gloves Off by Nadine Natour, Ugonna Okpalaoka (USA)
  • Tangled Roots by Samantha Knowles (USA)