Sybille, a headmistress and politician, is in the middle of an election campaign for municipal council president in her Swiss village when her son is accused by a classmate of mistreating her.
Sybille has to choose between morality and career.
Either way, her reputation in the community is at stake!

Despite his young age, the young Johannes Bachmann has already directed a long list of films and worked as a camera operator, screenwriter, director assistant.
QUIET LAND GOOD PEOPLE has been shown and awarded by numerous international festivals.
It is a really good work which deals with a current topic, so present in all mass media and city squares.
The relationship between a mother and her son and her role in his education is the central theme.
A single mother, a school principal, a political candidate, who is not able to realize that her son is learning and practicing the message of her election campaign.

Director: Johannes Bachmann
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2018
Running time: 25’09”