A phone booth on an ocean cliffside brings together seven strangers whose seemingly different conversations are connected by one harrowing reality.

Second short film by director Kristen Gerweck, THE WIND PHONE has been selected in more than 50 festvals around the world and awarded with more than 20 prizes.

Inspired by true events, THE WIND PHONE intimately follows the emotional journeys of seven strangers. Each is drawn to the same remote and eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, although their conversations couldn’t seem more different. Whereas one caller seeks forgiveness for a fatal transgression and another grapples with a twisted betrayal, others’ motivations are not clear at first. It is not until one of the callers extends a consoling hand to another, that we begin to understand that they are all connected by one harrowing reality.

Gerweck has the power to express such a painful loss with delicate tenderness, setting it in an unreal and subtle time, halfway between reality and eternity.

Director: Kristen Gerweck
Country: United States
Year: 2019
Running time: 15’52”