Daniele works at night in a call center of a big website renting rooms and apartments. During a normal evening of work two very particular customers drag him in a perverse game, that he cannot escape because it makes him feel alive. All his personal balance shatters.

The film is about the distance between your perception of yourself and what you really are, between what we tell ourselves we are and what we can be; this second dimension is infinitely more extensive than the first and sometimes life, when it tests us, causes it to manifest itself.
We, as human beings, have a limited awareness of ourselves and sometimes life makes us detonate bringing out parts of our souls that we kept.

The story is solid and structured, with a nice crescendo of tension, and very good actors, starting from the protagonist, Alberto Onofrietti, capable of staying inside the character with strong intensity.

Director: Francesco Tasselli
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 29’59”