In a Tunisian village, children are playing football on a wasteland. Meanwhile, Abdallah and Mohammed come across a donkey with headphones on his ears and bags full of a white powder on his back. The two young brothers decide to bring those bags back to their village.

After its world premiere in Monpellier, this short film has traveled all over the world enchanting a numerous number of audiences.

The two brothers, with a great acting by Eltayef Dahoui and Ali Avari, so different but both with a great passion for the most popular of sports, are able to take you to a final which is must to be seen.

This is the first film in collaboration with Les Valseurs for Yves Piat, who has a very special gift for storytelling.

DIrector: Yves Piat
Country: France
Year: 2018
Running Time: 17′