If you’re in need of some hint&tips to realise your short film, you may start with a simple question: why?

Why do I want to tell this specific story?” is the first thing you need to ask yourself. When you get this answer in your hands, your second step is waiting for you: “To whom I want to address my film?

Keep in mind that a film can’t be for everyone. You need to target an audience. This is important not only while you prepare your work, but also when you face the distribution. You will need to choose which festivals to send your short film to: not each one of them will be perfect and if you don’t know the aim of your work, it won’t be easy.

A third question you need to answer to is “Why am I shooting this film?“. Ask yourself if it’s just a phase to preparate for future productions, or if you think it’s a moment in your filmmaker career.

When you have answered and are sure of your intentions, you may proceed with the following steps.