Amarcort Film Festival is an international short film festival, born in Rimini (Italy) in 2008.

It is the only festival dedicated to Federico Fellini, taking place in his hometown.

It has a competitive programme, made of eight different sections reserved to short films and music videos, and a variety of out of competition events, such as: focuses on other countries, kids section, panels, workshops for students and amateurs, industry sessions, campus “Emilia-Romagna welcomes EU” for EU film school students, morning screenings and classes for primary, secondary and high school students, live performances, meeting with authors, Q&A sessions, workshops.

The aim of Amarcort is that of creating the wider circulation it can for short film.

At the same time the festival is a place for all short film makers and lovers, with great attention to all chances for young authors and professionals to meet and establish new ways of co-operation.

For its European dimension, Amarcort Film Festival in the last five editions has received the High Patronage of the European Parliament.

In the first months of 2020 has launched a website,, with news, information, advice, interviews and all useful tips concerning short movies, festivals, industry professionals, awards.

Amarcort is a festival member of the Short Film Conference, the internazional organization for the promotion of the short film.

In the same time, being Amarcort the organizer, a network of European festivals facing the Mediterranean Sea has been created, with the aim of promoting the circulation of EU short films.

For some special events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Fellini’s birth and included in 2020 edition, Amarcort has received the Patronage of the Direzione Generale del Cinema.

Event date

24.11.2020 ⟶ 29.11.2020

Deadline 30.06.2020

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