07:00 AM EST – Eeb Allay Ooo (FEATURE FILM) – 97 min

A young migrant is hired to shoo away rampaging monkeys from New Delhi government buildings by mimicking aggressive langurs—their natural enemies—in this charmingly absurd social farce.

09:00 AM EST – Vertical Shapes In a Horizontal Landscape (SHORT FILM) – 5 min

Mark Jenkin’s (Bait) Super-8 pilgrimage to artists’ dwellings along the south coast of England, from Andrew Kotting to Derek Jarman, traces a haze of post-election hope and despair.

09:00 AM EST – Over(SHORT FILM) – 14 min

A crime scene reveals itself in nine shots of a quiet neighborhood. As the possibilities pile up—murder, hit-and-run, accident—a deeply unexpected reality unspools in reverse.

09:00 AM EST – New UK Filmmakers – Short Film Program (PROGRAM) – 26 min

Keep an eye on these exciting U.K. based filmmakers, each with a distinct voice and style.

09:00 AM EST – Masterpiece (SHORT FILM) – 7 min

A group of young men try to interpret their friend’s art so they can save face and show support.

09:45 AM EST – Love Chapter 2 (FEATURE FILM) – 54 min

The winner of the FEDORA – Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet, Love: Chapter 2 pulses with livewire choreography, a thrumming electronic score, and the chaos and confusion of love.

11:00 AM EST – Mugaritz Bso (FEATURE FILM) – 72 min

Recipes and soundscapes intertwine in this glimpse of a daring—and mouthwatering—multimedia collaboration between San Sebastian chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte.

12:30 PM EST – East of Jefferson (SHORT FILM) – 21 min

One rainy night, somewhere in the corner of the city, uncanny memories meet on a motel bed.

01:15 PM EST – On Transmission: Claire Denis in Conversation with Olivier Assayas (PANEL) – 65 min

On Transmission: Claire Denis in Conversation with Olivier Assayas Acclaimed filmmakers, Claire Denis and Olivier Assayas discuss the state of film art today. The conversation is fascinating and unexpected.

02:45 PM EST – Late Marriage (FEATURE FILM) – 98 min

Dover Kosashvili’s Ophir Award-winning film from 2001 is a clever dramedy about a bachelor who becomes involved with a single mother against the wishes of his traditional Georgian family.

04:45 PM EST – Masterclass with Nadav Lapid (PANEL) – 18 min

Acclaimed Israeli filmmaker and recent Golden Bear winner Nadav Lapid (Synonyms, The Kindergarten Teacher) arrives at the JFF studio for a special masterclass moderated by actress and screenwriter Romi Aboulafia.

05:30 PM EST – Ricky Powell: The Individualist (FEATURE FILM) – 107 min

Ricky Powell boasts a quintessential New York story, rising to fame as a street photographer in the 80’s and 90’s and touring with the Beastie Boys, capturing some of the wildest moments in popular culture.