07:00 AM EST – In conversation with Guillermo del Toro (PANEL) – 81 min

Recorded at the 2018 Marrakech International Film Festival, Academy Award®-winning director Guillermo del Toro sits down for a career-spanning discussion, moderated by Kim Morgan and presented as part of the festival’s “Conversation With” series.

09:00 AM EST – Postcards from Sarajevo Film Festival Friends (PROGRAM) – 81 min

Short postcards from Sarajevo Film Festival friends as they go about their lives under quarantine.

09:30 AM EST – Bridges of Sarajevo (FEATURE FILM) – 114 min

On the centenary of World War I, a varied group of European directors gives voice to the modern ghosts and historical echoes of the Bosnian capital.

11:45 AM EST – No One Left Behind (SHORT FILM) – 31 min

A group of American soldiers travels to Mexico for an unknown mission. When they arrive, a surprising world drives them to rethink the ties that bind their nations.

12:45 PM EST – The Tear’s Thing (SHORT FILM) – 25 min

Actress Florence has just been cast in a film as an assassin. When she arrives at a shooting range to prepare for the role, she’ll be challenged in a way she could never have seen coming.

01:45 PM EST – Cinema Cafe with Tessa Thompson and Jane Campion (PANEL) – 62 min

Recorded live from the Sundance Film Festival, each Cinema Café invigorates the culture of conversation. Our informal chats round up special guests for thought-provoking discussions between Festival filmmakers and journalists.

03:00 PM EST – Shannon Amen (SHORT FILM) – 15 min

This loving, handcrafted elegy to a friend lost to suicide reanimates the passionate and pained artwork she left behind.

03:00 PM EST – The Procession (SHORT FILM) – 11 min

After Catherine’s fatal car accident, she speaks from beyond the grave to her husband, Philip, who must endure the family ritual of the funeral.

03:00 PM EST – The One-Minute Memoir (SHORT FILM) – 16 min

Eleven award-winning directors turn memoirs into exuberant animated shorts, each in their own personal style, with stories ranging from the heartfelt to the absurd.

03:00 PM EST – Dew Line (SHORT FILM) – 4 min

An animated tapestry of biomorphic forms elegantly dances through the life cycles of cells while hinting at the loss of botanical diversity.

03:00 PM EST – Black Barbie (SHORT FILM) – 4 min

In a poetic animation, Comfort Arthur recollects her personal journey with skin bleaching products and questions societal ideals of beauty.

03:00 PM EST – The Battle of San Romano (SHORT FILM) – 2 min

There’s a method to the madness of this 15th-century battle when Paolo Uccello’s masterpiece is cleverly animated by Georges Schwizgebel.

03:00 PM EST – Annecy Animated Shorts Program (PROGRAM) – 52 min

04:30 PM EST – And She Could Be Next (TELEVISION) – 112 min

This two-part journey through the 2018 midterm elections follows a defiant grassroots movement of women of color, organizing to transform American politics from the ground up.