In order to finish his script, Jonas, a desperate young director, accepts the conditions imposed on him by his producer: to rework his screenplay with the help of a super-talented Parisian scriptwriter: Jean Loubric. A really great guy who can turn any old rubbish into a masterpiece!

He’ll come to live at the house for a few weeks, which isn’t going to go down too well with Hélène, Jonas’s wife.

One night, Loubric shows up unannounced…

A short film that goes through black comedy to thriller, enhancing a poetic story. A great screenwriting, based on a novella, that talks about the difficulties of a writer, who wants to renew his inspiration for a film at all cost. A good work on how artistic creation affects our lives.

Director: François Paquay
Country: Belgium
Year: 2017
Running time: 26′