07:00 AM EST – The Yalta Conference Online (SHORT FILM) – 39 min

Japanese theater company Seinendan reimagines this meeting of the Allied forces at the end of World War II as a darkly humorous satire.

08:00 AM EST – INABE (SHORT FILM) – 35 min

After a 17-year absence, a pig farmer’s sister suddenly returns home with her baby. As they remember their childhood, they resolve to dig up “something” they buried long ago.

09:00 AM EST – Ticket of No Return (FEATURE FILM) – 109 min

A solitary woman purchases a one-way ticket to Berlin to indulge her greatest passion—binge drinking—in Ulrike Ottinger’s flamboyantly provocative classic of New German Cinema.

11:15 AM EST – Tribeca Talks: Alejandro Iñárritu with Marina Abramović (PANEL) – 63 min

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu, one of only three directors to ever win consecutive Oscars and the first to do so in 65 years, talks with ground-breaking performance artist Marina Abramović.

12:30 PM EST – Cerulia (SHORT FILM) – 13 min

Cerulia pays one final visit to her childhood home, but her memories may have other plans for her in this delightfully eerie stop-motion Gothic.

12:30 PM EST – The Cats (SHORT FILM) – 9 min

A street cat meets an old man that will change his life forever. Between bowls of milk and warm cuddles, he feels welcomed by his new owner, but the elderly gentleman has secrets of his own.

12:30 PM EST – Best “Animated Short Films” Rigo Mora Award (PROGRAM) – 30 min

12:30 PM EST – 32-RBIT (SHORT FILM) – 8 min

An essay film about Victor Orozco Ramírez’s personal Internet: a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.

01:30 PM EST – Na plovarne (TELEVISION) – 65 min

Quincy Jones, Laura Dern, Madeleine Albright, and Danny DeVito are just a few interviewees in these star-studded highlights of Marek Eben’s long-running Czech talk show.

03:00 PM EST – The Short Film Selection in Competition at the 72nd Festival de Cannes: Program 1 (PROGRAM) – 42 min

03:00 PM EST – The Nap (SHORT FILM) – 15 min

A girl (Rita Pauls) wraps her grandmother (Graciela Ninio) in a spiral of fantasy, which ends up inducing amnesia.

03:00 PM EST – The Jump (SHORT FILM) – 12 min

Of all the daredevils who dive from the rocks of Marseille’s perilously steep Corniche speedway, 22-year-old Alain Demaria is the only one to jump headfirst to “break the water.”

03:00 PM EST – Anna (SHORT FILM) – 15 min

Anna (Svetlana Alekseevna Barandich), a middle-aged single mother living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, is lured out of her home by a radio advertisement for a party organized for foreign men.

04:15 EST – 45 Days in Harvar (FEATURE FILM) – 78 min

Plastic artist-director César Aréchiga recreates his living room and studio in a Mexican maximum-security prison, in which fifteen inmates learn about paper production, clay modeling, sculpture and painting.

06:00 PM EST – Diego Luna, The Life After (PANEL) – 30 min

Celebrated actor & filmmaker Diego Luna discusses confinement on a personal level, what this new normal means for the film industry and his perspective on the challenges and the future of Mexican filmmaking.

06:00 PM EST Blood Rider (SHORT FILM) – 17 min

Amidst a blood shortage crisis in Nigeria, a motorcycle delivery rider carries precious blood to hospitals while trying to ensure he can reach critical patients in time.