When dad has to unexpectedly step in for mom to do his daughter Zuri’s hair before a big event, what seems like a simple task is anything but as these locks have a mind of their own.

Guarda "Hair Love", il corto animato che ha vinto l'Oscar 2020 ...

HAIR LOVE started its life on Kickstarter on 2017 to collect funds to be animated: overcoming the goal set by its producers, it also got acquired by Sony Animation and distributed before major films. Zuri’s hair are a vehicle of meaning: for African-American identity, for mother-daughter relationship, and for father-daughter affection. The short film depicts a father beyond stereotypes, a sweet story that moves the spectator. There’s no need for dialogues, for the animation speaks for itself through the characters’ expressions, bringing you to delicate tears.

HAIR LOVE won the Academy Award for Best Short Film.

Director: Matthew A. Cherry
Country: United States
Year: 2019
Running time: 6′