07:00 AM EST – Genius Party: Happy Machine (SHORT FILM) – 16 min

After an innocent baby’s nursery crumbles away before his eyes, he enters into a surreal world.

07:30 AM EST – Lonely Encounter (SHORT FILM) – 23 min

In this winner of the Best Short Film Award at IFFAM, a taxi driver on the verge of losing his home shares a fleeting connection with an isolated foreign student.

08:15 AM EST – Tapi! (SHORT FILM) – 25 min

When the Christian church in Kenya takes a ritual healer to court, they seem determined to erase the complex history of a people.

09:00 AM EST – Kmêdeus (FEATURE FILM) – 52 min

Enigmatic whispers shroud a homeless eccentric in mystique—some called him a lunatic, others an artist and philosopher—and inspire this contemporary dance piece about his life on Cape Verde.

10:15 AM EST – Volubilis (FEATURE FILM) – 107 min

In this tale of love and beauty among the ruins, recently married Abdelkader and Malika struggle to make ends meet, but a violent incident turns their destiny upside down.

12:15 PM EST – Rendez-vous with Zhang Ziyi (PANEL) – 101 min

Chinese actor Zhang Ziyi talked about her career during a conversation with director and historian Yves Montayeur.

02:20 PM EST – Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy (FEATURE FILM) – 127 min

Based on an anonymous Twitter feed, a candid coming-of-age story blooms from the fantasy world of a Thai teenager.

04:45 PM EST – Locarno 2019 Excellence Award Conversation (PANEL) – 82 min

Conversation between Song Kang-ho and Bong Joon-ho moderated by Olivier Père, in occasion of the 2019 Excellence Award to Song Kang-ho.

06:25 PM EST – Beautiful Things (FEATURE FILM) – 97 min

Solitary men in oil rigs and supertankers, isolation chambers and waste plants, coalesce in a riveting global symphony of material production and consumption.


Legendary J-Pop Boy Band Arashi will perform three of their iconic songs for the We Are One Global Film Festival, including a version of “Hope In The Darkness” which has never before been available online.