07:00 AM EST A City Called Macau (FEATURE FILM) – 127 min

In the gambling underworld of early 2000s Macau, a casino VIP client servicing manager is swept up into a high-stakes melodrama amid epic-scale historical change.

09:30 AM EST Nasir (FEATURE FILM) – 79 min

An ordinary day unfolds for a warmhearted street salesman in southern India, as he tries to make a loving home for his family while warding off the anti-Muslim sentiment of his neighbors.

11:15 AM EST Route-3 (SHORT FILM) – 13 min

On a sweaty, jam-packed tram in Sarajevo, a shy teen can’t take his eyes off of a young woman eating a juicy orange slice, but catching her attention proves challenging.

11:45 AM EST Air Conditioner (FEATURE FILM) – 73 min

When air conditioners in Luanda begin to mysteriously fall from building windows, a security guard embarks on a pleasantly surreal, jazz-inflected journey through the Angolan capital.

01:15 PM EST Future Frames at KVIFF (PROGRAM) – 108 min

Peacock / Furiant (2015)The childhood and youth of playwright Ladislav Stroupežnický, a legend of Czech realism, unfolds with an unexpected humor and formal playfulness.

03:20 PM EST Poppety in the Fall (SHORT FILM) – 26 min

When a curse magically erases all of the kingdom’s books, a grouchy hedgehog heads up a rescue mission to cheer up a bored and despondent King Balthazar.

03:20 PM EST Molly in Springtime (SHORT FILM) – 26 min

As the mysterious “bloated belly” disease spreads through their kingdom, Princess Molly teams up with Léon the bear to outwit a conniving storyteller.

03:20 PM EST Leon’s Animated Stories (PROGRAM) – 104 min

03:20 PM EST Leon in Wintertime (SHORT FILM) – 26 min

As winter falls early on the kingdom, an ogre kidnaps Princess Molly Gingerbread. Before she ends up in a pea stew, her only hope may be a runaway teenage bear.

03:20 PM EST Bonifacio in Summertime (SHORT FILM) – 26 min

In the Kingdom of Skedaddle, a sweet-talking swindler romances Queen Héloïse, but the spell is broken when her daughter, Princess Molly, returns for summer vacation.

05:20 PM EST TIFF Talks: Viggo Mortensen & David Cronenberg on CRASH (PANEL) – 52 min

Frequent David Cronenberg collaborator Viggo Mortensen join TIFF for a Q&A following a screening of Cronenberg’s controversial tale of bodily trauma and desire, Crash, presented in a 35mm print hand-picked by Mortensen from TIFF’s Film Reference Library Screening Collection.

06:25 PM EST Adela Has Not Had Supper Yet (FEATURE FILM) – 103 min

On a visit to Prague from New York, the renowned private detective Nick Carter must solve a mysterious disappearance…and face off against a music-loving, flesh-eating plant.