07:00 AM EST Awake (SHORT FILM) – 23 min

All seems well—until it isn’t—in a photographer’s marriage to a man with a peculiar condition in this tense exploration of power dynamics and patriarchy.

08:05 AM EST Mystery Road (FEATURE FILM) – 119 min

Indigenous cowboy detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pederson) returns to his outback hometown to solve the murder of a teenage girl whose body is found underneath a trucking route.

10:25 AM EST Locarno 2019 Pardo d’onore to John Waters (PANEL) – 71 min

Conversion with John Waters moderated by Albert Serra in the occasion of the 2019 Pardo d’onore to John Waters.

11:55 AM EST Violettina (SHORT FILM) – 4 min

This delicate film—created for Alice Rohrwacher’s production of Verdi’s La traviata—conjures the protagonist’s interiority and spontaneity through sun-kissed 16mm images of a young girl’s hands (Rohrwacher’s own daughter, Anita).

11:55 AM EST Rosalinda (SHORT FILM) – 42 min

After a breakup, a Shakespearean actress alternates between rehearsing and daydreaming as she starts to slowly embody her character, transforming into the object of desire of other cast members.

11:55 AM EST Pelourinho, They Don’t Really Care About Us (SHORT FILM) – 9 min

Akosua Adoma Owusu traces a century of social unrest through correspondence from W. E. B. Du Bois, sumptuous Super-8 footage shot in Pelourinho, and a music video by Spike Lee.

11:55 AM EST Parsi (SHORT FILM) – 23 min

Eduardo Williams’s immersive work, shot with 360-degree cameras, explores the rhythmic, discursive language of Mariano Blatt’s poem “No es” against the perpetually moving people of Guinea-Bissau.

11:55 AM EST NYFF Program 2: A Passion for Films (PROGRAM) – 116 min

These two programs—named in homage to the seminal books written by NYFF’s founders, Amos Vogel and Richard Roud—offer a varied, kaleidoscopic view of cinema over the past decade.

11:55 AM EST Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight (SHORT FILM) – 16 min

Eliza Hittman’s sensitive and atmospheric short follows a 17-year-old Russian teenager as she escapes the close-quarters tension of her home into a Brooklyn night charged with freedom and desire.

11:55 AM EST Dramatic Relationships (SHORT FILM) – 6 min

Dustin Guy Defa slyly lampoons masculinity in filmmaking with this surprising meta-movie about a filmmaker (Defa himself) suggesting micro-adjustments to actresses between takes.

11:55 AM EST Atlantiques (SHORT FILM) – 16 min

Mati Diop’s richly textured documentary—both her experimental debut, and a precursor to her Grand Prix–winning feature Atlantics—tells the story of a young boy’s tragic migratory voyage in Senegal.

02:15 PM EST Throat Singing in Kangirsuk (SHORT FILM) – 3 min

Eva and Manon are two throat singers from an Inuit village in the northern reaches of Canada. They and Johnny Nassak turn the camera on themselves and their Arctic landscape.

02:15 PM EST Nutag-Homeland (SHORT FILM) – 6 min

A poetic, hand-painted animation explores notions of diaspora and homeland to reflect on the tragic mass deportations of the Kalmyk people during World War II.

02:15 PM EST My Father’s Tools (SHORT FILM) – 7 min

In honor of his father, Stephen continues making baskets in the tradition of the Mi’kmaq Tribe. He finds a meditative peace in his studio, in connection with the man who taught him his work.

02:15 PM EST Mud (SHORT FILM) – 10 min

In her final hours, a mother on a Navajo Reservation struggles with alcoholism while seeking belonging within family and tradition.

02:15 PM EST Indigenous Shorts Program (PROGRAM)– 37 min

02:15 PM EST Fainting Spells (SHORT FILM) – 11 min

This tapestry of recollections offers an imagined myth for the Xąwįska, or the Indian Pipe Plant—used by the Ho-Chunk to revive those who have fainted.

03:15 PM EST TIFF Talks: Tantoo Cardinal Master Class (PANEL)– 62 min

An intimate and inspiring conversation with award-winning Canadian activist and screen icon Tantoo Cardinal.

04:45 PM EST Copwatch (FEATURE FILM) – 95 min

Copwatch is the true story of We Copwatch, an organization that films police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality.

07:00 PM EST CLOSING: Live DJ Performance by Questlove (MUSIC EVENT) – 30 min

The multi-faceted, Grammy winning musical artist, founding member of the legendary Roots crew, Musical Director for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and international icon of hope, Questlove, will join us in celebration of We Are One’s historic launch with one of his signature DJ sets – closing the festival in style.