Outfest, the leading film festival dedicated to LGBTQ+ thematics, is holdinh screenings online on Outfest website. The festival is usually hold in Los Angeles during July.

Outfest is an Oscar Qualifying festival, the first and only LGBTQ+ film festival to be Academy Qualifying in the world.

Outfest was founded in 1982 by a group of students from UCLA, and was firstly named “Gay and Lesbian Media Festival and Conference”. It was renamed Outfest in 1994.

Running from June 11th to 28th, you can watch Outfest on their website for free by signin up to a 60-day free trial on OutFestNow with the code UNITED2020, find information on Outfest.org. Happy Pride month!

Outfest awards are called “Outie” and, between the prizes that will be listed briefly, there’s also a premium of 5.000$ given by HBO, a sponsor, to the best debut film.

Jury Awards

  • US Narrative Feature
  • Screenwriting
  • Actor in a Feature Film
  • Actress in a Feature Film
  • International Feature
  • Documentary Feature

Audience Awards

  • First Narrative Feature
  • Narrative Feature
  • Lesbian Narrative Feature
  • Documentary Feature
  • Narrative Short Film
  • Documentary Short Film
  • Soundtrack

Programs Awards

  • Freedom Award
  • Outstanding Emerging Talent
  • Outstanding Artistic Achievement

Other Awards

  • Outfest Achievement Award
  • Outfest Honors
  • Outfest Screenwriting Lab Award
  • Screen Idol Award