A young warrior and her familiar search for the sacred place said to fulfill wishes. It’s best not to anger the ancient guardians and spirits.

Sol Levante”, l'anime in 4K di Netflix - Fumettologica

The synopsis is clear, but without reading it, one could not understand this short film’s plot. All we see, in four minutes length, is a girl running and fighting monsters, and everything ends with a dream-like sequence with the appearance of another character. No words spoken, nothing that helps the audience understanding what’s happening on screen.

While the story is unclear, what’s important about SOL LEVANTE is the technique: 4K animation. Scenarios and characters are very well designed to the smallest detail, animations are fluid, beautiful to watch. This kind of animation requires much work time: two years for four minutes.

The colors are stunning and the level of detail allowed by this new technology is amazing, but there’s still much to work on. Nonetheless, you can find it on Netflix and we suggest you to give it a try, at least to admire the potential that 4K could fulfill in the future.

Director: Akira Saitoh
Country: Japan
Year: 2020
Running time: 4′