The 2020 edition of TRAVEL FILM International Film Festival has started on June 23th and will end on 26th. This year the festival is both live and in streaming due to the global pandemic situation. Learn more on their website or social pages.

The festival is held in Moscow, Russia, and awards both fiction and documentary short (and feature) films about travels, adventures, outdoors and nature. This is its fourth year.

The awards in which short films can compete are:

  • Best Short Film
  • Best Short Documentary
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Commercial
  • Best Video Guide

The short films selected are:

  • A rider’s Dream – Japan by Arek Sowula (Australia)
  • A walk home by Marco Gallo (Italy)
  • Adventures of Aya – Iceland by Christian Ghammachi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Discovering Cayely by Ali Fuar Sari (Turkey)
  • Astana, a city of the future? by Laurier Fourniau (Belgium)
  • Goa love voyage by Sergey Andreev (Russia)
  • Hailing from Saudi by Christian Ghammachi (Lebanon)
  • India on a Rickshaw by Shy Brameli (Israel)
  • IT’S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide) by Daniela di Salvo (Canada)
  • Kyrgyzstan On the Road by Luca Orsini (Italy)
  • La Perouse by Patrick Matjevic (Australia)
  • LOSIN’ YOU by Aleksa Ristovic (Malta)
  • Lost in Iceland: laugavegur route by Konstantin Larionov (Russia)
  • Love your city – Pro Innerstadt Basel by Andy Klossner (Switzerland)
  • Map of legends of Komi Republic by Nikita Belorusov (Russia)
  • Our Morocco by Paulo Wenceslao (USA)
  • Return to Kenya by Christiam Ghammachi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Rossiya Airlines by Mariia Popritsak (Russia)
  • Shadow of a Dynasty by Martien Janssen (Netherlands)
  • Shantar Expedition by Vladimir Chebanov (Russia)
  • Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, Los Cabos by Mark Knight (USA)
  • The Spirit of Flatness by Paweł Jaworski (Poland)
  • The Unknown Racer by Danya Razuvaev (Russia)
  • The Way of Oil by Pavel Novikov (Russia)
  • Transsiberian Dream by Dennis Schmelz (Germany)
  • Your Rocky Spine by Ray Jacobs (UK)