A young woman of the Tarahumara, well-known for their extraordinary long distance running abilities, wins ultramarathons seemingly out of nowhere despite running in sandals.

Lorena, Light-Footed Woman | Netflix Official Site

A very inspirational documentary short, with a great cinematography and an unforgettable main character. Lorena is a woman that runs, runs for miles, eating the road in her sandals. She races in ultramarathons and has won many medals around the world.

She runs in skirt and sandals, while the others around her use sneakers and more comfortable clothes. But Lorena herself doesn’t want running shoes or conventional sportswear. She feels better with Tarahumara traditional clothing.

This documentary doesn’t get personal about her life, it just tells the story of a woman that, until her body lets her, will keep on running.

Director: Juan Carlos Rulfo
Country: Mexico
Year: 2019
Running time: 28′