A mother in a remote Colombian coastal village teaches her young daughter to swim so she can harvest piangua shellfish alongside the community.

Dulce (2018) - IMDb

A short documentary that reflects more than one level: a little girl’s life and her struggle to learn how to swim to survive, but also the problems her community has to face in its activity due to climate change. Learning to swim is essential to harvest the piangua shellfish with the other women, it’s a rite of passage to become an adult. Yet, Dulce is really scared and her efforts are sweet and brave. At the same time, in Colombia’s Iscuandé region, people are trying to preserve the mangrove forests to stop sea level rising.

This documentary is sweet, well shot, with great camera angles and a refined gentleness.

Title: DULCE
Director: Guille Isa, Angello Faccini
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Running time: 11′