In her autumn years, a woman reminisces about the fateful year of 1947, when the newly drawn border between Italy and Yugoslavia cut through the region of Gorizia; this was also the year when she found love. Hers is a peculiar tale with a tinge of the surreal, as well as a family drama shaped by real events.

Stoj!, 2019 - Film - produzione - ita

A short film inspired by the director’s grandparents real story. Shot in 16 mm, it looks like a documentary from that time, making it really suggestive and also beautiful to watch, with an incredible photography and great colors. The actors, all common people and not professional actors, with their naturalness, contribute to the feeling of “real”. The border created in this film along the road is invisibile, yet true, separating the two main characters until their hands touch. The director’s intention is to make the audience reflect on the idea of border, stating it’s just a mental concept.

Sweet and full of hope, it gives a good message in a world full of borders restraining and separating people. Yet, in the real world, those borders look and feel real, sometimes represented by insurmountable walls. It would be great if, just by touching hands, those borders could be destroyed.

Title: STOJ! (STOP!)
Director: Giulio De Paolis
Country: Italy, Slovenia
Year: 2019
Running time: 7′