Left to her own devices during an August heatwave, a seven-year-old wild child and her companion have an adventure filled with squirt guns, cicadas and rain dances.

Watch Gronde Marmaille / Rain, Rain, Run Away - Clémentine Carrié ...

An original short film which can be relatable to many, remembering us our childhood memories during hot summers, when we were bored and started little adventures with friends. The main characters use their imagination to live quests and explore the world around them. RAIN, RAIN, RUN AWAY is beautiful in its colours and lighting, a view that smells like summer itself and is almost able to feel the hotness of the weather through the screen. Nevertheless, it is not as captivating as it should be and after some minutes the story is less interesting than it looked like when the film started. But is still a really good work, worthy of watching.

Director: Clémentine Carrié
Country: France
Year: 2019
Running time: 15′