Winners for the 2020 edition of the ShorTS International Film Festival have been announced on their website on 12th July, on the last day of the festival which, as we previously reported, has been held both offline (in Trieste, Italy) and online.

Short film awards (Maremetraggio section)

EstEnergy Prize – Gruppo Hera
Best Short Film: She Runs by Qiu Yang (China, France, 2019)
Special mentions: Exam by Sonia K. Hadad (Iran, 2019); Stay Awake, Be Ready by Pham Thien An (Vietnam, South Korea, USA, 2019)

AcegasApsAmga Prize
Best Italian Short Film: Il primo giorno di Matilde by Rosario Capozzolo (Italy, 2019)

Prem1ere Film Prize
Best Undistributed Short Film: Figurant by Jan Vejnar (Czech Republic, France, 2019)

AMC Prize
Best Italian Editing in Short Film: Il nostro tempo by Veronica Spedicati (Italy, 2019)
Special mention: A colloquio con Rossella by Andrea Andolina (Italy, 2019)

Trieste Caffé Prize
Voted by audience: Lost & Found by Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe (Australia, 2018)

Science & Society section

ESOF Prize 2020
Best short film: Absence of Light by Beatrice Aliné (Germany, 2019)
Special mention: Story by Jola Bańkowska (Poland, 2019)

Shorter Kids’N’Teens section

Shorter Kids Prize
Best Kids Short: All in Good Time by Bonnie Dempsey (Ireland, 2018)

Shorter Teens Prize
Best Teens Short: Rain by Piotr Milczarek (Poland, 2019)