The Bicycle Thief is the simple yet charming story of a young girl’s quest to get her stolen bike back.

Maisie Thorn in The Bicycle Thief (2018)

No dialogues needed for this short film: everything is done by the very expressive young actress and her funny smirks. Accompained by a cheerful music and bright colors, she lives a small adventure around the town when her bike gets stolen. A bit slow in the beginning, when we follow her cycling for many scenes, it gets a good sprint when the pursuit starts. The end is unexpected and sweet, but in particular the last scene is the funniest of all, when she runs away in a kick scooter, followed by running kids… It makes you wonder what happened at the very beginning and who’s the real thief. THE BICYCLE THIEF is not a masterpiece, but is lovable and very enjoyable, a good source of smiles.

Director: Stewart Alexander, Kerry Skinner
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2018
Running time: 7′