A children’s tale about a young girl named Margo Hoo set in a uniquely colorful world. Margo has the inability to sleep. As a result she sneaks around at night and into the neighboring houses causing mischief.

Margo Hoo Couldn't Sleep! (2018)

A pretty colorful short film, with a cute story and amazing visuals. Everything, going from people’s clothes or makeup to objects and even houses is in bright and neon colors. This beautiful scenery is the background for a modern fairy tale, in which the main character, Margo, lives peculiar adventures in order to learn to sleep and dream. The protagonist is sweet and naive, curious and resourceful – not to mention a little troubling! It is a pleasure to see, both for the brightly-colored setting and for the script itself, very imaginative. And when Margo finally falls asleep and experiments the world of dreams, the short film switches to animation in Play-Doh for the end credits, another welcome surprise!

Director: Raul Gonzo
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Running time: 19′