The 2020 edition of SHORTS – Trinationales Filmfestival Hochschule Offenburg was run from 18th June to 16th July. The festival was held online and the winners have been announced.

Best short film: Abbruch by Natascha Zink (Germany)

Best documentary short film: Prohlis by Marlena Molitor, Felix Länge (Germany)

Best animated short film: Dernier Round by Anatole Bournique, Maeva Chaulvet, Katia Hochstetter, Nicolas Jaffre, Thais Mercier (France)

Best creative film: Noi by Maximilian Welker, Tobias Lischka, Hagen Ulbrich, Sina Diehl (Germany)

Best sound: Cru by David Oesch (Switerzland)

Best Hoschschule production: Im Reich Des Squatters by Adrian Schwartz (Germany)

Freedom award: Euphrat by Jelena Ilic (Germany)

Readers’ award: Aura by Timm Völkner (Germany)

Zonta award for young female filmmakers: Bahar Bektas

Best medium length film: Benzin by Oliver Mohr (Germany)