The day before her mother’s memorial, Caroline realizes she has lost her mother’s ashes. With no time left and fear of causing her sister Josephine further grief, Caroline must decide what to do.

I Lost My Mother's Ashes | Palm Springs International Film Festival

Between comedy and (most of all) drama, I LOST MY MOTHER’S ASHES is surely a good short film. Well acted, it is seasoned with good lighting, great photography, nice sound editing… In short, very well cared for on a technical level. The story, very simple, is also pretty engaging. And it puts you in a strange mood: you can feel the weight of the problem, but you still would like to laugh to some scenes (one for all: the raccoon at the funeral home)… And yet you can’t, because of the dramatic situation. It is a complex mixture of emotions. A tale of two sisters, so different one from another, yet both so sick with grief: the only difference is their way to mourn.

Director: Caitlin Gerard
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 12′