The winners of the Summer 2020 edition of the AltFF Alternative Film Festival have been announced. Here are the winners of the Short Film Categories.


Quarantine Category (4-5 min)
Best Quarantine Film: Tissue by Hyuri Constâncio

Ultra Short Category (15 sec-60 sec)
Best Under 1-Minute Film: ιός by John Maslowski
Best 1-Minute Narrative: Red Killer by David Valverde Martínez
Best 1-Minute Experimental: Lullaby for a Pandemic by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Best Actor: Mike Messier in The Never Was by Mike Messier
Best Actress: Alina Iskanderova in Love is a Spectrum by Andrey Voskres
Best Cast: Seasoning by Tommy Dunn
Best Cinematography: Penang Street Life by Erik Raymond Olsson
Best Writer: Kat Conway for Don’t Be Dumb Use Your Thumb by Kat Conway
Best Director: Robert David Duncan for The Saga of Squash-Head Cat

Super Short Category (1-5 min)
Best Animation: The Box Assassin by Jeremy Schaefer
Best Animation: The Sound of the Dragonfly’s Wings by Deb Ethier
Best Comedy: Next Stop Episode 4 – Pool by Phil Witmer, Jabbari Weekes
Best Documentary: Save Our Planet by Matthew Agustin
Best Drama: Evermore by Rebecca Maddalo
Best Drama: Mom is on the Phone by Shihyun Wang
Best Experimental: LA Lounge Ennui 1983 by William Stancik
Best Experimental: Digits of Pi by Tom Bessoir, Joshua Pines
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Ecclesiastes by Lola Rùi
Best Thriller: Ketchup by Brian Nestor
Best Thriller: A Very Special Christmas Gift by Kimberly B. Flores
Best Student Film: Dad by Inés De Deseo, Lucia Sanchez
Best Actor: Damian Joseph Quinn in Happy Quarantine by Joey Krulock, Damian Joseph Quinn
Best Actress: Priscilla Haug in A Girl’s Night In by Timothy Haug
Best Cast: Two Spies by Jesse Feldberg
Best Cast: O Wimbowé by Sabine Crossen
Best Cinematography: Flowers Blooming 3 by Majo Chudý
Best First-Time Filmmaker: Cleissa Regina Martins for Back Then They Ate My Eyes
Best Writer: William Stancik for American Licorice Coda by William Stancik
Best Writer: Alejandra Leigh Barker for Detour by Alejandra Leigh Barker
Best Director: Susan Kouguell for Buoyancy
Best Director: Iris Johnston for Sunday Watching TV and (Not) Thinking of Death

Short Category (5-20 min)
Best Comedy: D.R.U.G.S. (Dreams Revealing Unresolved Gestating Sentiment) by Colin Pierce
Best Comedy: Johnny Suicide by William Stancik
Best Documentary: While You’re Still Here by Jordan Wood
Best Documentary: Socially Distant by Austin Beatty
Best Drama: A Place Less Cold by Anne Johnstonbrown
Best Drama: We’ll Make It Through by Shihyun Wang, Robert Krueger
Best Drama: Blink of an Eye by Ryan Hodge, Dr. Thaddeus Jones
Best Experimental: A Poet’s Seat by Martin Del Carpio
Best Experimental: Forget Me Not by Andreas John
Best Horror: Daemon by Wenqin Ni
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Hubert by Jerod Wood
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Duppy by Jabbari Omar Weekes
Best Student Film: The Cake by Meital Cohen Navarro
Best Student Film: Let’s Talk About It by Aaron M. Canada
Best Thriller: Rendezvous by Seth Kozak
Best Thriller: Death Maze by Bryce Williams
Best Actor: Michael Boston in No Way Out by Stefano Giorgetti
Best Actor: Robert Chestnut in Carma by Sunny Na
Best Actress: Kimberly Jakeman in The Wishful & Lonely by Kris von Kleist
Best Actress: Lauren Engels in The Mole by Ambrose Smoke
Best Cast: Sisters Bound by Shihyun Wang
Best Cast: The Muse by Toni Hopkins
Best Cinematography: Blue Unnatural by Marco Bolognesi
Best Cinematography: The Newspaper by Francesco Agostini
Best First-Time Filmmaker: Gino Terrell for Club City
Best Writer: Sonja Quita Doubleday for And Then I Was by Renee Bailey
Best Writer: Starina Johnson for The New Normal by Starina Johnson
Best Director: Suso Imbernón and Juanjo Moscardó Rius for Cursed Granny
Best Director: John Pope and Nokomis Leaman Logsdon for Love/Sick

Long Short Category (20-45 min)
Best Long Short Film: Autumn Never Dies by Chris Quick
Best Actor: Jayson Wesley in Buzzing 2C by Jayson Wesley
Best Actress: Stevie Alexandria Maxwell in Revenant Revolver by Paul Van Beaumont
Best Cast: Black April by William Stancik
Best Cinematography: Umoja by Michael Maurissens
Best Writer: Jerry Dupree and Charles DeNatale for The Star Track of Jerry Dupree by Shihyun Wang
Best Director: Henry Baker for PiSS OFF