A traffic warden loves her job too much. Will her excessive zeal be without consequences?

Infraction (2019) - YouTube

Interesting short film in which the CGI blends almost perfectly with the live action. A zealous traffic warden writes fines for every little infraction she incurs in, and then has to face a giant paper monster made by her tickets. Action and adrenaline are mixed with a pinch of comedy, especially at the end when we find out that the fright didn’t really make her change her habits. A good work of graduation.

Director: Students Isart Digital (M. Decoste, R. Halle, J. Hannoah, M. Koskas, F. Morelli, M. Nezreg, M. Ryckelynck, A. Vanden Borren)
Country: France
Year: 2019
Running time: 4′