‘Fill your Heart with French Fries’ is a sad comedy short – telling the tale of a young woman who gets dumped by her girlfriend at a fast food joint, and, too sad to leave, just stays there for a week.

Based on a true story, this short film manages to be a dark and sweet comedy at the same time. The way the director portrays the feeling of being heartbroken is just perfect, and the protagonist’s acting is on point. The “dumped girl” can’t leave the fast-food because she feels “just sad” (as she tells the policeman who asks her why she’s not been leaving for days) and is grieving her dead love story. It geniuine and natural, sometimes the long shots in which the girls just lays there with her head on the table are almost “boring” but they help create the feeling of emptiness and haviness the protagonist feels. Nobody seems to leave her alone with her pain, highlighting how we need to pull the plug from everything and everybody when we need to pull ourselves together. There is also a small reflection on social media, as the “dumped girl” becomes famous on the internet, to the extent of receiving the proposal for becoming a testimonial of a ‘condom for love’, and getting photographed and posted on Instagram by everybody, starting from the salesman in the fast food.

Director: Tamar Glezerman
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Running time: 20′