Shot entirely from an apartment window during the first month of New York City’s “Shelter in Place” directive, this film is a winding conversation about the fears, anxieties, and hopes of the residents of Claremont Avenue, in Manhattan.

A fine documentary shot from home: Beck is a street photographer who, locked at home during the pandemic, started interviewing his neighbors through the window. The shots are nice, it is suggestive to see the residents sitting at their windows, on the phone with the director, speaking about their fears, hopes, reflections on the lockdown. An amazing cross-section of human lives during an emergency, a documentary that will remember us in the future how it was to be locked at home, looking out of the windows with fear and uncertainty. In SHELTER IN PLACE, the only beings allowed to be outside are the birds on the trees, gently flapping their wings around. Meanwhile, the humans stay inside, praying for the best. A good message of hope is the applause at the end, when the neighbors share a moment together – although in distance.

Director: Matthew Beck
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 13