The 2020 edition of Trento Film Festival will be held in Trento, Italy, from 27th August to 2nd September; this is edition number 68th for this festival. This festival screens films about mountain, alpinism and nature. From 2020 it will also have online projections.

Alongside the full length films/documentaries, it also features short films. Here we are listing the short films only.

Short films in competition

  • Carie by Achille Mauri (Italy)
  • Feu Croisé by Ekin Koca (France)
  • Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain by Bernhard Wenger (Austria)
  • Marée by Manon Coubia (Belgium)
  • Piera by Christophe Galleron (France)
  • Polyfonatura by Jon Vatne (Norway)
  • Then comes the evening by Maja Novaković (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018) by Tinja Ruusuvuori (Finland)
  • Zlatan in the Slopes by Monne Lindström (Sweden)

Terre Alte

Section for documentaries on people living in the mountains, traditions and transforming landscapes.

  • Di acqua, fuoco e quello che resta by Matteo Ninni (Italia)
  • Outside the oranges are blooming by Nevena Desivojevic (Portugal, Serbia)
  • Padenti – Foresta by Marco Antonio Pani (Italy)
  • Talking Soil by Jan Baumgartner (Switzetland, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Orizzonti Vicini

Productions from Trentino-Alto Adige

  • Croste di Polenta by Emanuele Bonomi (Italy, United Kingdom)
  • Il bosco cresce in silenzio e a ritmo della musica by Stefano Volcan (Italy)
  • Manufatti in pietra by Michele Trentini (Italy)

Destinazione… Georgia

Discovering Georgia

  • Lethe by Dea Kulumbegashvili (Georgia)
  • Lost Village by George Todria (Georgia)
  • Mekvle by Goderdzi Chokheli (Georgia)
  • Ogasavara by Vakhtang Tato Kotetishvli (Georgia)
  • The Tower by Salomé Jashi (Georgia)


Alpinism and adventure

  • Allein by Franz Walter (Germany)
  • Anba – Au Coeur D’Haiti by Vladimir Cellier (France)
  • Beni – Speedtransalp by Dario Tubaldo (Italy, Germant, Austria)
  • Cino, Ian! by Tobia Passigato (Italy)
  • Fissure by Christophe Margot (Switzerland)
  • I Claustrofili by Sirio Sechi (Italy)
  • Le Marathon de Katherine by Nicolas Falquet (Switzerland)
  • My Friends Were Mountaineers by Eric Becker (USA)
  • Narcis by Elias Elhardt (Serbia)
  • On Falling by Josephine Anderson (Canada)
  • Paradice by Daniel Bleuer (Switzerland)
  • Seres Noturnos by Caio Gomes, Pedro Gomes (Brazil)
  • Shared Vision by Keith Partridge (United Kingdom)
  • Spearhead by Seth Gillis (Canada)
  • The Imaginary Line by Kylor Melton (USA)
  • Wandering in the White by Otto Heikola (Finland)

Special projections

  • Chaconne Supra a Sciara by Gian Maria Musarra, Mario Brunello (Italy)


  • Sacrist by Luka Klapan (Croatia)