Short film inspired by true events following a young girl, Mae, who confronts her bullies with the help of her horse.

TRIGGA is based on a true story of bullying. Although not depicted in a violent way, you can feel it through the short film: all the harassment, torment, the torturing behaviour of the other girls will make you feel uncomfortable and angry. The protagonist, Mae, very well depicted by her actress, is just a normal girl, targeted for no reason. However, her father is surely a positive character, trying to make her laugh and helping her overcome her problems, rather than scolding her for her vivid fantasy. Speaking of fantasy, Mae escapes with her mind, riding on her horse, Trigga, which gives name to the short film. While everybody believes that her horse is just born out of her imagination, what is the truth?
TRIGGA is a nice short film, well directed, sheding light on an important topic such as bullying, with a sweet and hopeful ending.

Director: Meloni Poole
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2016
Running time: 15