When two tough guys leave a bar to fight, their search for the right spot becomes an adventure.

A comedic short film, quite funny but the gag of the “not right spot” is a little bit too dragged out. Though it is the main topic of TALK OUTSIDE, the comedy loses a bit of its grip while the audience waits for something to happen. But it is a nice short film, with some smart moments, near to genial, especially when the two guys get a lift by an older man. The continuous research of the right place to have their bar fight brings the men to adventure around the country and experience nice moments of friendship together. The most interesting part is found at the end, when the two share a sunset, finally in the right spot, but end up with no fighting, like they forgot why they embarked on that trip in the first place. Going through the adventure, they ended up bonding and giving up on the intention of fighting. A nice message conveyed by comedy.

Director: Austin Davison
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 7