Somewhere in the mountains, a man lives alone in a disappearing village. Wandering through the misty nature, interpreting among the walls of his dark houses, on the very ground with his destiny to belong to a world that has been rejected.

Nothing really happens in this short film, but this is not what matters about OUTSIDE THE ORANGES ARE BLOOMING. It has such an amazing photography, which is able to take your breath away while you eat every shot with your eyes. This film won Best Cinematography in a short film at Melbourne International Film Festival, and it’s not a surprise. It is poetic, sweet and sour, very immersive. The slowness is perfect. Also interesting is the relationship between the protagonist and the director, not too intimate, a bit cold, but at the same time open to confessions and talking. The religious hymns accompanying some shots help create the right atmosphere about the setting.

Director: Nevena Desivojević
Country: Portugal, Serbia
Year: 2019
Running time: 20