The eccentric sound artist Eirik Havnes is preparing his most ambitious project ever: A symphonic masterpiece with the nature as his orchestra.

A really fascinating insight into Eirik Havnes’ job: he is a sound artist. In this documentary short film, he hunts sounds around Norway, trying to find the perfect way to do music with nature. He explores woods, caves, captures the wind, the water running violently in mountain streams. Never completely satisfied, always striving for perfection, he creates incredible recordings with his equipment but, most of all, with his ideas. The short film by Vatne perfectly catches this hunt for sounds with beautiful images, an amazing photography and unforgettable shots of the wilderness. POLYFONATURA is a small gem, pretty interesting and appealing to the eye, not to mention very interesting.

Director: Jon Vatne
Country: Norway
Year: 2019
Running time: 20