A young female hunter bumps into an enemy in the wilderness.

A young and bold huntress is scouting the woods when she finds a dead wolf. She does what seems to be calling the base or her employer, but her phone dies and she carries the carcass on her back all alone, until she spots a shady ice fisher. She controls him for a while, and then the two meet. It’s a cold stand off, where the huntress wants to know the content of his truck, and the man starts telling a strange tale, meaning something metaphorically.

The man must have something to hide, and all precipitates: he shots the girl while she shots him back. The two end up both dead on the snow, in the complete wilderness, leaving the audience with many questions but a certainty: secluded woods are both magnificent and dangerous.

Beautiful views of the forest, a good cinematography and great aerial shots. The acting is okay and the story is quite interesting, a pity that we are left with unanswered questions…

Director: Øivind Næss
Country: Norway
Year: 2019
Running time: 9