When Hayley’s dad, who has just been dumped by her mum, is too hungover to join in her games, she gets into a dangerous adventure of her own making.

UNDER GROWTH is a soft emotional rollercoaster: you start watching it with sadness and anger, than you pass on to fear and concern, to end up smiling, relieved and reliving good memories from your younger age. That is because this short film is about childhood and imaginations: the young protagonist, left alone by her parents (her mom leaves her at her father’s door, but he’s too drunk to play with her and sends her off to have fun by herself), creates a game of her own, using her imagination and fantasy. UNDER GROWTH recalls to your mind those kind of memories, when you used to create worlds to have fun into. A quite cute short film, with remarkable acting of the young actress who plays the protagonist.

Director: Evin O’Neill
Country: Ireland
Year: 2018
Running time: 11