A man and a woman meet on a bus. She’s an engineer and married. He’s homeless.

The short film CLASSMATE is pretty simple, yet very well executed: the modest setting is perfect to tell this interesting story, and as always is amazing to see how much a short film can tell, with no need to be full length to leave something to the audience. The narratives are able to catch you and involve you into the plot.

A homeless man meets an old classmate, a married woman who works as an engineer… But is that true? Everything looks so real, so natural and smooth: you can’t help but think that the woman has just forgotten his old acquaitance. However, the final reveals that he’s just a perfect fraud, when he approaches another girl with the same method.

A great acting performance, a very well written script.

Director: Javier Marco
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Running time: 10