In the middle of a peaceful Hawaiian vacation, a couple has to grapple with a crisis that may not only forever affect their lives, but also all of humanity.

An extremely fun and very well acted short film. 40 MINUTES OVER MAUI is well written, and has an interesting script: set in one room and one room only, but it doesn’t need more space… Everything is just perfect, because what’s important is not much the setting, but is the human relationship between the two protagonists. A married couple on vacation in Hawaii receives an emergency alert concerning a missile crisis incoming on the islands. In a fun yet tense 40-minutes moment of fear, the two just go completely crazy, trying to use the time left to live at their best.

Entertaining yet real, it depicts a situation that anybody could have to face, depicting human reactions brilliantly.

Director: Josh Covitt, Michael Feld
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 13