Bill and Tonya Martin don’t speak English anymore. This is the story of Martinese.

SHNOOF is a mockumentary acted so well that looks real in every single scene. This short film is both cute and sad at the same time: the audience starts with the belief that the two protagonists are just inventing a language to have fun, communicate in an intimate way and pass time during retirement… But then, especially when the definition of SHNOOF passes on screen, one can realise that they are trying to fill the void left by their children growing up and moving out.

SHNOOF (SHn(y)o͞of)

The hollow sound of a big empty home; also pertains to a feeling of emptiness within.

Definition of SHNOOF

It shows an old couple’s life, more than the birth of a new language, the Martinese (named after their surname). SHNOOF is heartwarming and quite fun, with glances of gloominess. A well-made short film.

Title: SHNOOF (SHn(y)o͞of)
Director: Rayka Zehtabchi, Sam A. Davis
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 8