The 2020 edition of SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival Of Catalonia will be held from 8th to 18th October. This is the 53th edition for Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya. It is held in Sitges, Spain.

Sitges IFFF is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Best in Competition Short Film, Best Animated Short Film.

You can find the films here, we are only listing short films.

Anima’t Shorts

  • 100,000 acres of pine by Jennifer Alice Wright (Denmark)
  • A la cabeza by Andrea Santiago (Mexico)
  • Arka by Natko Stipanicev (Croatia)
  • Average happiness by Maja Gehrig (Switzerland)
  • Candela by Marc Riba, Anna Solanas (Spain)
  • Carrousel by Jasmine Elsen (Belgium, Czech Republic)
  • Empty places by Geoffroy de Crécy (France)
  • Meow or never by Neeraja Raj (United Kingdom)
  • Paracusia by Carolina Sandvick (Sweden)
  • Pilar by Diana Van Houten, Janis Joy Epping, Yngwy Boley (The Netherlands)
  • Red rover by Astrid Goldsmith (United Kingdom)
  • Something to remember by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden)
  • The adventures of Gloria Scott – Murder in the Cathedral by Tvrtko Rašpolic, Matija Pisacic (Croatia, Serbia)
  • The edge by Géraldine Cammisar, Zaide Kutay (Switzerland)
  • The unknown by Stephanie Marshall (United Kingdom)
  • The zillas have a picnic by Christian Franz Schmidt (Germany)
  • Un coeur d’or by Simon Filliot (France)


  • 4×6 by Jamie Gyngell (United Kingdom)
  • A tale best forgotten by Tomas Stark (Sweden)
  • A witch is børn by Otto (Matteo Macaluso, Federica Pini) (Italy)
  • Aamamá by Miguel Alcalde (Spain)
  • Casa by Alberto Evangelio Ramos (Spain)
  • Chimera by Pavel G. Vesnakov (Bulgary)
  • Horroscope by Pol Diggler (Spain)
  • Le tueur du lac maudit by Laurent Ardoint, Stephane Duprat (France)
  • O universo de Monica Marins by Ivan Cardoso (Brasil)
  • Rainy season by Patrick Haischberger (Austria)
  • Spyglass by Javi Prada (Spain)
  • Tártaro by Jerónimo García Castela (Spain)

Inauguració – Curt

  • Dar-Dar by Paul Urkijo Alijo (Spain)

Noves Visions – Small Format

  • Body by Marijana Verhoef (Germany)
  • Caso aparte by Bruno Ciancaglini (Argentina)
  • Found me by David Findlay (Canada)
  • La zona caliente by Esteban Lamothe (Argentina)
  • Luz distante, parte 1, Les desventurades by Santiago Reale (Argentina)
  • My little China girl by Sam Azulys (France)
  • The retreat by Marcus Anthony Thomas (United Kingdom)

Official Fantàstic Competition Shorts

  • A strange calm by Austin Rourke (USA)
  • Axe to the face by Andrew Moorehead (USA)
  • Bubble by Wang Hao-nan (China)
  • Conversaciones con un mono by Grojo (Spain)
  • Crawler by Ivan Radovic (Sweden)
  • Dana by Lucía Forner Segarra (Spain)
  • Eject by David Yorke (United Kingdom)
  • El ruido solar by Pablo Hernando (Spain)
  • Migrations by Jerome Peters (Belgium)
  • Milk teeth by Felipe Vargas (USA)
  • Moires by J.P. Bouix (France)
  • Mortal by Enrique Medrano (Honduras, USA)
  • Progeny by Justin Daering (USA)
  • Red light by Alex Kahuam (USA)
  • Riven by Matt Inns (New Zealand)
  • RPG by Chun Han-shih (Taiwan)
  • Rutina: la prohibición by Flora Cuevas (Spain)
  • Spoon by Victor Velasco (USA)
  • Temple of devilbuster by Wang I-fan (Taiwan)
  • The history of monsters by Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz (USA)
  • The luggage by Tsai Yi-fen (Taiwan)
  • The painted by Sasha Sibley (USA)
  • Unzo by Roh Jin (South Korea)

Official Fantàstic Especial Shorts

  • La dama del fantaterror by Diego López (Spain)
  • Live forever by Gustav Egerstedt (Sweden)
  • Raze of the cyborg by Young-H. Lee (Taiwan)