Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. Therefore he isolates himself from the outer world. One day, when Lothar breaks his beloved toaster, he faces a dilemma.

LOTHAR has remarkable directing and photography: it truly knows how to drag the attention, thanks to well-made special effects. At the beginning, the transition from planet Earth to the snow globe in the mother’s room is pretty impressive. The main character’s acting is okay, what amazes is the setting and the care put into every shot.

This short film is quite funny, yet a little predictable in its comic timing; it seems to have hopeful vibes when Lothar decides to go explore the world outside and stop isolating himself, but then a disaster happens. This ending is a bit too much exaggerated, but it’s surely part of the comedic intentions of the story.

Director: Luca Zuberbuehler
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2013
Running time: 14