The 2020 edition of Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema, held online and in person from 7th to 18th October, has ended. This was the 49th edition of the FNC. Montreal’s FNC is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize Best Short Film – International Competition. Winners have been announced.

Awards for International Competition

Best Short Film – Loup Argenté
Filipiñana by Rafael Manuel

Special Mention
Red Aninsri; or, Tiptoeing on The Still Trembling Berlin wall by Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke

Awards for National Competition

Best Short Film
Écume by Omar Elhamy

Special Mention
Benjamin, Benny, Ben by Paul Shkordoff 

Other Short Film Awards

Prix du Public
Comme une comète by Ariane Louis-Seize

Meilleure Animation (Best Animation)
Serial Parallels by Max Hattler

Prix Dada National
Barcelona Burning by Theodore Ushev

Prix Dada International
How to disappear by Total Refusal

Best Student Short Film
Danica’s Mom by Kennedy Kao