When a luxurious family touring train halts in a pitch black tunnel, an uninvited creature sneaks on board.

GRAND ADVENTURE RAILROAD is an amazing animated short film, with a mysterious and touching story. What is interesting is the choice of the language: as said at the beginning of the short, it has no known translation. The choice of inventing a language is peculiar: on the one hand, GRAND ADVENTURE RAILROAD’s plot speaks for itself so there’s no need of a proper spoken language, everything is just noise coming from the characters and the situations and actions reveal what is going on on screen; on the other hand, however, some moments of the story remain a little obscure with the impossibility of understanding the characters. The protagonist is a kind-hearted man that you can’t help but emphathize with. He works for a rich family for their luxurious trips, until a poor creature gets on the train: the man chooses to lose everything to save a little girl in needs. The ending feels hopeful and sweet.

The story is interesting, it would be nice to see it developed further, especially to understand what’s going on in the society – which looks a bit like a dystopia.

Director: Hsiao-Shan Huang
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2020
Running time: 15