The 2020 edition of Winterthur International Short Film Festival will be held from 3rd to 8th November 2020 in hybrid format, in Winterthur (Switzerland) and online. It is the 24th edition.

The Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur is Oscar Qualifying with Grand Prize for the International Competition, Prize for the Best Swiss Film.

Short Films in Competition

International Competition I: Where We Belong

  • The End of Suffering (A Proposal) by Jacqueline Lentzou (Greece)
  • I Am Afraid to Forget Your Name by Sameh Alaa (Egypt, France, Belgium)
  • There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here by Rainer Kohlberger (Germany)
  • Filmiki ze zwierzątkami [zobacz teraz] by Katarzyna Miechowicz (Poland)
  • (Other) Foundations by Aline Motta (Brazil)
  • Menarca by Lillah Halla (Brazil)

International Competition II: Reality Bites

  • Drought by Remi Itani (Lebanon)
  • Huntsville Station by Jamie Meltzer, Chris Filippone (USA)
  • In the Air Tonight by Andrew Norman Wilson (USA)
  • My Exercise by Atsushi Wada (Japan)
  • Dustin by Naïla Guiguet (France)
  • The Ghosts We Left at Home by Faris Alrjoob (Jordan, Germany)

International Competition III: Ray of Hope

  • A Dream in Red by Christin Turner (United Kingdom)
  • Heaven Reaches Down to Earth by Tebogo Malebogo (South Africa)
  • Quebramar by Cris Lyra (Brazil)
  • Shiluus by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (Mongolia, United Kingdom)
  • Steckbrief Natur: Der Waldkauz by Aleksandar Radan (Germany)
  • Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part 1) by Mitch McCabe (USA)

International Competition IV: Small Revolutions

  • Was wahrscheinlich passiert wäre, wäre ich nicht zuhause geblieben. by Willy Hans (Germany)
  • Which is Witch by Marie Losier (France)
  • The Modern Way to Shower by Ping Wong (Hong Kong)
  • This Day Won’t Last by Mouaad el Salem (Tunisia)
  • Les Antilopes by Maxime Martinot (France)
  • Naked by Kirill Khachaturov (Russia)

International Competition V: Magical Thinking

  • Der natürliche Tod der Maus by Katharina Huber (Germany)
  • Play Schengen by Gunhild Enger (Norway)
  • Point and Line to Plane by Sofia Bohdanowicz (Canada)
  • Bittersweet by Sohrab Hura (India)
  • Sun Dog by Dorian Jespers (Russia, Belgium)

International Competition VI: Talk to Me

  • Al-Maw’oud by Ahmed Elghoneimy (Egypt)
  • Inflorescence by Nicolaas Schmidt (Germany)
  • In the Hands of Puppets by Charles Blondeel, Sarah Deboosere (Belgium)
  • A Passage by Felix Kalmenson, Rouzbeh Akhbari (Armenia)
  • Phoenix by su zhong (China)
  • The Fantastic by Maija Blåfield (Finland)

International Competition VII: Use Your Voice

  • Giòng Sông Không Nhìn Thấy by Phạm Ngọc Lân (Laos, Vietnam)
  • A Song About Love by Rikkí Wright (USA)
  • My Galactic Twin Galaction by Sasha Svirsky (Russia)
  • A Lack of Clarity by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen (Denmark)
  • cumcumcumcumcum everybody by Peter Millard (United Kingdom)
  • Yollotl by Fernando Colin Roque (France, Mexico)
  • Needs by Júlia Lerch (Hungary)

Swiss Competition I: Geister der Dämmerung

  • Um tordo batendo as asas contra o vento by Alexandre Haldemann (Switzerland)
  • Deine Strasse by Güzin Kar (Switzerland)
  • Chiens Endormis by Sarah Rathgeb (Switzerland)
  • Alleswasichberühre by Marion Täschler (Switzerland)
  • Tony by Alexandra Simpson (Switzerland)
  • D’où est-ce que tu viens ? by Anouk Reichenbach (Switzerland)
  • Carbón by Davide Tisato (Switzerland)

Swiss Competition II: Die Zukunft ist jetzt

  • Les Traces by Pablo Briones (Switzerland)
  • Ieji by Rodrigo Munoz, Lucas Giordano (Switzerland, Japan)
  • Unlearning Flow by Sarine Waltenspül, Mario Schulze, Christoph Oeschger (Switzerland)
  • Little Miss Fate by Joder von Rotz (Switzerland)
  • Desert Dogs by Samuel Morris (Switzerland)
  • Miami by Michael Etzensperger (Switzerland)
  • To Be There by Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris (Switzerland)

Swiss Competition III: Willkommen im Abseits

  • Les Nouveaux Dieux by Loïc Hobi (Switzerland)
  • Darwin’s Notebook by Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland)
  • Bićemo najbolji by Jelena Vujovic (Switzerland)
  • A Brief Appearance of Neon by Matthias Sahli, Immanuel Esser (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Them by Sunitha Sangaré (Switzerland)
  • Das Spiel by Roman Hodel (Switzerland)