Three New York single moms rob a jewelry store to save their families from financial ruin. Their super powers: a gun… And a baby!

A lively and funny short film, that will entertain you and for sure make you have a good laugh. This is the story of three single moms trying to rob a jewerly store, but the film offers more than the amusement itself. The three characters come from different backgrounds and situations, but have something in common: they are mothers and they need money to take care of their children. And these mothers are willing to do anything to get the opportunity to do so. This means that, while being amusing, MOMMY HEIST also shows in a entertaining way what a mom is capable to do for her children. It is also a story of payback for all of them. Colorful and with plenty of nice jokes, it has a brilliant writing: it is remarkable the use of pregnancy terms as “spy speech” to designate their codenames or the phases of their heist plan.

MOMMY HEIST has undoubtedly nothing to envy to famous heist full-length films and would work very well as a feature for cinema. Ending with a cliffhanger, it would also be nice to see more of this nice story and the unforgettable characters.

Director: Anna Gutto
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Running time: 13