On the beach that he was shored, life goes on as usual and nobody has even noticed Hasan’s abnormality.

COAST is not what it seems to be. It is set on a sunny beach at sunset, with warm colors, the wind blowing on water, and a relaxing mood. People walk on the shore, take naps, play, sunbathe, drink, eat, read. It looks like a normal day on a beach, with games and cellphones, costumes, straw bags and colorful beach umbrellas. No music, just soft sounds. Then suddendly, somebody is face downward on the sand: at first glance he may look asleep, but the life vest and the small plastic bag with his ID and euros reveal everything. The sounds get scarier, yet the people around the man are unbothered and continue on their funny and relaxing activities.

As told at the end of the film itself, only on Mediterranean coast, in 2018 2262 refugees lost their lives. The man represented in the short film is Hasan, who fled Syria for a new home and lost his life. COAST shows how our daily lives can go on unbothered while in other countries, not even that far from ours, people die of hunger, during ongoing wars, or trying to escape from these situations.

COAST is very simple, and this helps conveying the message, with no rhetoric needed. The film won the Gradisca award at Amarcort Film Festival 2020, voted by the audience in ex aequo with another work. It also won Best Short Short at Roma Cinema Doc 2020.

Title: COAST
Director: Özkan Bal
Country: Turkey
Year: 2019
Running time: 4